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Welcome to jbhosting - the exclusive web design and hosting service. If you are looking to set up a personal or business website without having to learn a thing about web design, hosting and all the other paraphernalia then this is the place for you.
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Designing a website  and then setting up all the associated  hosting services can be frustrating,  confusing and even counter-productive.  jbhosting can simplify the whole process  by registering a website name that suits  your business and then designing,  launching and operating the website on  your behalf.  You will not need to understand the  intricacies of web design, how to select a  reliable host for your website or how to  ensure that your website is secure. Once designed, your website will be  professionally managed on your behalf for  a small monthly fee leaving you to focus  on what you know best - your business. In addition, jbhosting will offer all sorts of  advice on your PC requirements including  fault resolution, networking and even  advising which products are most suitable  for your business needs. 
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